We partner with corporations to identify new opportunities for growth.

How can you continue to innovate during crises?

To navigate through difficult times, leaders are faced with constant pressure to cut costs and preserve resources. Investing in the right type of innovation can help organisations drive operational efficiency whilst generating new growth. Balancing this requires business leaders to select and deploy a clear innovation strategy to identify the opportunity spaces they are best placed to own.

Problems We Solve

What type of innovation is right for us?

What is my innovation roadmap or plan to win?

How can we solve immanent financial challenges whilst identifying routes to future growth?

What is the right set of moves to drive growth quickly and profitably?

Build an Innovation Strategy for the Future

We help you connect the dots between emerging startup trends, market dynamics and internal business forces to identify new opportunities for growth and execute a roadmap of innovation activities.

Innovate from within

Build an internal innovation lab and drive new growth using internal talent.

Collaborate & Acquire

Increase market share and revenue by developing new solutions with startups.

Own new business models

Tap into new markets and diversify your revenue by creating new ventures.

Innovate from Within

We partner with corporations to execute internal innovation programmes leveraging startup techniques and tools.

Our solutions are designed to generate and identify the best ideas and create a faster route-to-market, delivering new revenue streams and optimising costs.

Put the principles into practice

Identify,  test, and launch new ideas to market

Develop in-house skills and expertise

Build a culture of  innovation

Learn key principles of innovation

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Collaborate & Acquire

With a portfolio of over 10,000 qualified companies, we provide our clients and investors with  access to strategically aligned startups that match their specific interest  areas to stay competitive.

Why Partner with Us?

Find overlooked startups to pilot with,  invest in, or acquire to create new product lines and optimize costs.

Expose your employees to the entrepreneurial mindset of startups and instil a culture of experimentation.

Strengthen your positioning as a global  innovation player and leading startup development contributor

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Own New Business Models

We work together to explore and validate if an idea is a suitable investment opportunity

Scoping & Ideation

Understand the venture space and formalize initial hypotheses

2-3 weeks


Validate customer pain points & test assumptions

3-4 weeks

Investment Thesis

Refine business model and prepare investment note

2-3 weeks

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We knew that the tech startup ecosystem is lacking sales departments inside the fresh-founded companies. Together with Grai we defined a venture structure, services, and technology that proved to be what the market needs. With Grai's experience, venture building systems, and processes we launched the new business in 6 months.

Valentin Maior

CEO Techmatch

When deciding who to work with we met two camps: people who said they could do everything we said we wanted, and then Grai, who came with a real process and a methodology about how to achieve what we wanted. We were faced with the challenge of turning out tech conference of 1000+ people into a hybrid event and increase sales. – and Grai’s digital strategy approach was the perfect match.

Michel Chaffe

CEO Wolves Summit

News & Events

Venture Building


min. read

5 Benefits of creating a corporate startup together with external entrepreneurs

Some corporations, including Google, Cisco or Axa have successfully developed their own “venture studios”, launching numerous new businesses over the course of several years. However, most of these ventures once validated are spun-out and not developed internally. Netflix spun out its “Netflix Box” division, which became Roku -- a company that now has a $4 billion-plus market cap. Fog Creek Software (now Glitch) spun out Trello and Stack Overflow. Cisco spun out -- and subsequently acquired -- three different startups from the same group of founders. However many more had tried but failed to deliver the expected results and had their units closed.

Venture Building


min. read

What is a Venture Validation Sprint and how can you use it to de-risk your corporate startup failing?

In this article, we’ll explore the first phase of the venture building process - a 2-3 months venture validation sprint covering the building blocks of start-up creation: idea generation, validation and pre-launch execution. This process is designed to quickly identify, validate and test new concepts and de-risk the chances of failure when scaling the business further.


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